What is Summer Staff?

Are you in love with Jesus and eager to determine your calling in ministry? If so, then look no further my friend, because we have an adventure of a lifetime for you!

Imagine working with a professional ministry staff and team of other like-minded college and grad students to prepare lessons, events, camps, retreats, mission trips, VBS, etc. Our goal with Summer Staff is to give a small group of college and grad students a well rounded experience to learn exactly what it is like to run a ministry from top to bottom. Not only will you be challenged to grow in every area of ministry, but we are committed to walking with you so that you grow not only as a leader... but also as a servant of Christ. Simply put, we want to help you find your place in ministry and do whatever we can to help you thrive in your calling!

All applications must be turned in by March 15, 2019
Each internship will be paid at $3800. If you are from out of town, we can provide a few living options for you to choose from at your request. The sooner we know of need, the more probability that these options will include free housing. Having an additional job during the time of this internship will not be possible as the internship is a 12 week full-time commitment.

We have closed application submissions for the Summer of 2019. Please check back in the fall to apply for the Summer of 2020.
Please email Drew Lints @ with questions. 

Summer Staff Job Description

General Expectations & Requirements:
Diligent effort towards a closer relationship with Christ
Age requirement: completion of Sophomore year of college (or age equivalent)
Member of a PCA church (or closely affiliated reformed denomination)
Regular attendance of worship on Sunday mornings
Relational, energetic, hardworking and creative

Main Responsibilities:
Semi-Regular teaching of Sunday school
Semi-Regular teaching of Evening Events
Team preparation and attendance of all summer events and programs
Team preparation of camps, retreats and trips

Care Responsibilities: (20+ hours)
Regular discipleship of students within your ministry focus

  • Youth staff through one-on-ones, simple contact, and engaging with


  • Children’s staff through sharing their faith with kids while interacting with
    them during the various events

Weekly ministry staff meetings
Weekly one-on-one with summer staff mentor
Weekly one-one-one with a Pastor (training, mentoring & prayer)

Administrative Responsibilities: (20+ hours)

An all around servant’s heart is top priority for any individual desiring to minister the good news of the gospel and is a high expectation of the Summer Staff.  Weekly responsibilities will be assigned by Tuesday to be finished by the following Tuesday unless otherwise stated.  

  • Lesson preparation and curriculum development

  • Preparation of publications & mailings, food, communication, recruiting, transportation, etc.

  • Leading games, songs, and small group discussions

  • Active pursuit of meeting general needs as they arise


Note from a Summer Staffer

The following is a recommendation for the Village Seven Summer Staff Opportunity to all who are considering joining our team...

To anyone considering the Village Seven summer Youth Internship,

By reading this, you are already winning. This church is fantastic.  The job is amazing.  Your summer will be incredible. Spare me a few moments to explain why. 

A youth ministry internship at Village Seven Presbyterian Church provides beneficial lessons for all aspiring pastors and church leaders. Summer interns regularly interact with staff members that love Jesus. From planning meetings with the youth staff to weekly prayer sessions with the entire church staff, they continually encounter examples of how to do ministry well. At all times, the gospel is emphasized, reminding interns of Jesus’ foundational purpose in Christian ministry. Second, the work environment is exceptional. At times, the summer’s tasks can become difficult and draining. However, Drew clearly outlines his desired tasks, and all staff members aid each other in accomplishing the goals of each week. Questions are always welcome and help is always available.  In my experience, youth internships can be chalked full of boring administrative tasks. Basically, interns complete the jobs that staff members don’t want to do, allowing the staff to focus entirely on ministry. Working at Village Seven is entirely the opposite. As an intern, you will roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, regularly teaching Sunday school classes, taking part in youth group events, planning a mission trip, and pursuing authentic relationships with the students. At the end of the summer, you will know what it looks like to take on a pastoral role in youth ministry at a church. From a practical standpoint, there is no better internship.

And in case you were wondering, the students at Village 7 are second to none. They are smart, energetic, challenging, funny, and loud. They are crazy, kindhearted, and insightful. I valued my time getting to know them. Enjoy your summer and soak it up, because when it is all said and done, you’ll miss them.

My time at Village Seven was absolutely fantastic. Not taking this opportunity would be crazy. Go and apply. Allow God to use this internship to bless you the way He blessed me. 

For His Glory,

Ben Horseman (summer staffer 2013 & 2014)