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CREATE Deadline: "Seeking God’s Heart”

The theme of the next art exhibit  is “Seeking God’s Heart” and the call for entries deadline is 7/28.

Art can be an effective tool to simplify and illustrate an abstract idea. In seeking God’s heart, an artist can be inspired with countless ideas that minister to his own heart. When these unique ideas are shared, they can also minister to others in a personal way.

God as the original great creator uses many means to inspire art in His people. Here are a few common sources of inspiration.

A.  Scripture - personal study, lessons and sermons.

B.  Hymns and Christian Music

C.  Symbols/Icons and Visual Art

D.  Personal Experiences in the context of Scripture

Sometimes more than one of these areas comes together to create an “ah ha” moment. For example, a verse speaks to you about something you are wrestling with. Ask yourself “how could I document this as a visual work of art?”

Sooner or later we want to create art that matters. When we make art that aligns our heart with God’s there is a very real possibility that it will matter to someone else.

Here are some questions that may help direct your heart to a piece that you feel compelled to create.

• What time in your life was seeking God’s heart especially important? Did you find guidance, love, peace, joy, patience or forgiveness?

• What trait of God’s heart do you find especially intriguing?
• Is there something you or someone you know are wrestling with that needs resolution? Seeking God in ways to illustrate that could really help lead you through it.

• Praise and Thankfulness aligns our hearts with God’s. Is there a way you would like to express praise or joy toward God just because you enjoy Him?

• By the way, there does not have to be a deep message to your art. Art for the sake of decoration or enjoying the creative process, points to the beauty and wonder of God.

Earlier Event: July 24
Jr. High Youth Group
Later Event: July 28
Sr. High Youth Group